Class 11 | 29 April 2020


In Class 11, we finished our discussion of Magnitsky Sanctions as applied by the U.S. government and as adopted by several other countries. We began a discussion of money laundering, including what it is, how it is related to public corruption, and intergovernmental anti-money laundering (AML) collaboration. We also briefly discussed the deferred prosecution agreement entered into by the U.S. government and HSBC Bank, which is featured in the ABC News and PBS News Hour video clips below.

Slides presented in Class 11 - 29 april 2020

Class 11 - CC (pdf)



Too Big for Jail? | ABC News | 11 Dec. 2012


British Bank HSBC Makes $2 Billion Settlement | PBS News Hour | 11 Dec. 2012

Recommended viewing on Netflix


If you would like to learn more about the HSBC scandal and have access to Netflix, I recommend viewing the episode "Cartel Bank" in Season 1 of the Netflix series Dirty Money.